Good to know: The HOME token (HOME by Arenafriends) has a fixed total amount of 1 000 000 000. Token release is geometric, meaning first 1/2, than 1/4, than 1/8, and so on.

The HOME tokens was decided to be released on 22.02.2022 on the Avalanche blockchain.

Phase 1: Launch & Token


The goal of Phase 1 is to establish HOME as the leading connectivity indicator for real-estate in France and to increase usage with real-estate professionals in the top 10 real-estate groups in France.

With the first revenue liquidity pools are established and the HOME token becomes tradeable.

Phase 2: Private Investors & Expansion

25% of HOME (250 000 000) are being released in a private token sale to hand-picked investors. Funds are exclusively used to fund expansion of sales and marketing and to launch Phase 2 of HOME.

Phase 3: Public Trading

12.5% of HOME (125 000 000) are being released with the public launch of HOME for trading on various DEXes. HOME is expanding to other countries.

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