Arenafriends Collection

An art gallery with a twist.

Good to know: In Arenafriends Collection creators stay the owner of their art.

Arenafriends Collection is outstanding art for politics, football, and special occasions.

Arenafriends Collection assembles the world's most talented cartoonist in a dedicated marketplace for cartoons.

Creators can upload a cartoon image, we generate an NFT for it, which makes it sellable and resell-able.

Gain on Sale

In the traditional cartoon world, there is no marketplace for cartoon images where they can be sold or auctioned. Imagine a popular magazine wants to publish a highly prominent figure. Oftentimes they order one specific cartoon for a fixed price. There is no bidding and no marketplace and (of course) customers have no interest in creating a highly vibrant marketplace neither !

Higher gains on breaking news

Imagine there is breaking news on a highly prominent figure in the evening, and the news edition wants to publish the next morning. In the traditional cartoon market there will be no time to create the picture on demand. Arenafriends collection pictures are marketed in partnership with AFP.

We detect breaking news by our twitter trending machine and automatically increase prices and placement according to the breaking news - and so maximize returns for cartoonists.

Even gain on resell !

In the traditional cartoon world, when an image is being resold the original creator does not earn anything anymore. Arenafriends Collection changes that: On every resell by its current owner the original creator receives 10% of the royalties. The gain is qualified as sale of intellectual property.

Arenafriends Animation

We use our artificial intelligence machine to animate cartoons and generate an NFT for the combined work - the original NFT and the animated NFT. For the resulting little films the original creator of the cartoon image will also make money ! With all the benefits stated in Gain of Sale.

For example: if the price of the original image is currently P1 and the animated version will be sold for P2. We guarantee that P2 >= P1 on Arenafriends, and that P1 always goes to the creator on a sale of the animated version.

So we allow creators to also participate in revenues from our AI derivative work.

Arenafriends Animation and Voice-Over

Voice can be added to Arenafriends Animations. We generate an NFT now for the Arenafriends Animation with voice, that includes the original picture NFT, the animated NFT, and the new voice-over NFT. It can be sold and change ownership with all the benefits stated in prior sections - but in addition:

Stake your NFT and collect Advertisement revenues

Arenafriends Animation with voice-over can remain in Arenafriends and generate advertisement revenue in the Arenafriends app. Collected Advertisement revenues will be contributed to 70% to the current NFT owners. We guarantee settlement within 5 business days of receipt by advertisers.

A little example here:

  • a static cartoon of Messi, sold for 0.33 ETH

  • the animated cartoon of Messi sold for 1 ETH

  • the animated cartoon of Messi with voice-over - not for sale but with advertisement (the advertisement here is just a picture of the Arenafriends logo)

Note: Arenafriends Advertisement will only be available starting November 2022.

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