Arenafriends Heritage

We will all die, each one of the current 7.7 B people. We take nothing with us when we die.

If you want to leave something behind for other people: be it your partner, your kids, grandkids or a foundation: Arenafriends Heritage will allow you to make that happen securely.

How it works:

  • You put in place one or multiple "accounts" for the receiving parties of your heritage. These accounts are nothing else than an encryption key, a private key. Private keys should be given to nobody - and are also not given to Arenafriends Heritage.

  • The accounts are released to the receiving parties when you die.

When are you dead ?

Arenafriends Heritage has a deadman's switch. When you do not answer three times in a row, we assume you are dead. Arenafriends Heritage asks you, when you are still alive, at your chosen interval, to acknowledge that you are still alive. You can chose that to be once a month (recommended), or once a year, you can choose. Arenafriends Heritage will contact you and only when you do NOT answer anymore to three consecutive of our contact attempts - then and only then, Arenafriends Heritage will assume you are dead, and the heritage is being released to the receiving parties.

Arenafriends Heritage can be used anonymously. Arenafriends Heritage does not know how much your heritage will be. The only thing known about you is your contact under which we can reach you. We provide maximum security, and ensure that we contact you regularly. Whenever you respond to our messages we reset the counter back to zero contact attempts. Of course you can change your contact.

Why is the heritage only a private key ?

From a private key your receiving parties can derive a public key, and they can decrypt stored messages, pictures, documents, or recover a crypto wallet that was put in place by you for them.

What's the cost ?

To ensure that the service is up, continuous to be up for 100s of years, stays compatible with new technologies, and the changes that happen to the world - we need to cover via a running cost. You have two options: you pre-fund an account that will ensure the Arenafriends' Heritage service during your lifetime.

The Arenafriends Heritage cost is to be paid in crypto and the cost corresponds to 1 EUR / per contact.

What's the security ?

  1. All of our source code is open source.

  2. Our system has been security audited.

  3. We use the system ourselves.

  4. We do not store private keys of your receiving parties.

    Their private keys are themselves encrypted, split, and stored in blockchains. They can only be assembled, and decrypted by the receiving parties when the deadman switch releases them via a crypto smartcontract.

  5. We guide you through the process to securely create private keys for your receiving parties. This is an offline process.

Can I try ?

You can try and experience the service for a couple of months. You can then turn it off, or fully use it (put your heritage in place).

You need to access from your mobile phone:

Is there a cost for the receiving parties ?

There is no cost for your receiving parties.

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