Our roadmap consists of enabling step by step the key milestones:

Arenafriends Home

Arenafriends home is live today for France and we continue to focus on France only 2022 at the real-estate market in France. Arenafriends Home is available at no cost for the public and at a cost for power-user. Benefits from Arenafriends Home go to Arenafriend token holders.

Arenafriends Collection

The first round of the 2022 French presidential election will be held on 10 April 2022. We plan to have the system ready by 10th January 2022 with the major candidates and enable social network distribution.

Our football component and marketing for Arenafriends collection comes with multi-language support for the world championshep in Qatar on November 2022.

Benefits from Arenafriends Collection go to Arenafriend token holders.

Arenafriends Heritage

Arenafriends Heritage is enabled once we have 1 Million users.

Arenafriends Heritage is free for Arenafriends token holders, the profits we get from non-token holders go to Arenafriend token holders.

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