The missing piece in the 10 T$ real estate industry

Good to know: With the appearance of the Corona virus, home office and home school have shown the tremendous importance of good Internet connectivity at home. Arenafriends Home helps.

The best Internet at home

Arenafriend Home tells you what the best connectivity is that you can get at the place.

It tells you if there is fiber at home, if there is mobile(cellular), if you have 5G or only 4G, 3G, just GSM. It will give you all the best options.

Arenafriends Home will tell you the best operator for your place ! To get the best operator we check the connectivity to all operators and tell you the order. We do not provide a price comparison between operators.

Oftentimes people tell you I have this and that MByte/sec but that is only for the current operator they have. Maybe changing the operator gives you three times more ? Arenafriends will tell you.

Moving to a new place

So you found a great place but you find out afterwards that you can't be reached on mobile, or that you do not have fiber ? Arenafriends Home helps you avoid that.

The best real estate agents already now about Arenafriends and can tell you what the connectivity will be in the places you consider. You can also go directly to http://www.arenafriends.com/home when you visit the property and verify connectivity by yourself!

Arenafriends Home works on any mobile phone with a regular operator, it does not require an app to download. Switch off Wifi and use the mobile network to get perfect results.

AirBNB hosts

AirBnB hosts that integrated Arenafriends can show you the connectivity at their property. Arenafriends Home as an independent service provides the true results.


Service right now is first available for more than 19 Million homes in France. HOME is available on the respective app store of Google and Apple:

HOME by Arenafriends

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