Arenafriends Transport

Reducing the CO2 footprint

Logistics are an important factor in today's world. The logistics industry is a multi trillion$ industry. The backbone of the logistic industry for global sipping, containers, and freight is already operating close to optimum and many companies focusing their efforts on optimizing the backbone of global logistics.

We focus on the lion share in the logistics industry, which is the expensive last mile to the consumer. The current, so called "sharing" economy, identified as Uber, AirBnB, and others are realising only the tip of the efficiency iceberg. We plan to maximise efficiency in logistics by multiplexing several deliveries in time and space.

We have developed super-fast location-based infrastructure to reduce the CO2 footprint by maximising sharing. We need to develop multiple other pieces to finish the perfect transport.

Once we release: Uber and others won't be able to compete with the most efficient global, social transport infrastructure and we will become the dominant player democratising transport and reducing the Carbon footprint in the trillion$ logistics industry.

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